Books I Read and which to Read!

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The Outsiders – WORTH IT

To Kill A Mockingbird – WORTH IT (but some consider it boring)

Romeo and Juliet – NO NO NO!! unless you know how to talk in Elizabethan English (thou shall state thou not pretty)

Eaters of the Dead – WORTH IT (unless you’re the ones who got scared of the title!)

The Chosen NEUTRAL

Their Eyes Were Watching God NEUTRAL (if you like love stories, go for it!)

The Aeneid NO NO NO!! Poems that have been translated from Latin (if you love Latin or Greek adventures and are willing to go through the hassle, go for it!)

Fahrenheit 451 – WORTH IT (alternative world without books!! YES! jk

The Great Gatsby – WORTH IT deceptive story about lovers (I’m not into love stories, but this one is a classic!)

Brave New World – NEUTRAL (unless you love alternative science fiction books)

The Catcher in the Rye – WORTH IT (14 and over book about teenage life)

Of Mice and Men – WORTH IT!! SHORT NOVELLA with Good story

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – WORTH IT

The Giver- WORTH IT


Daylight Time Savings

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Congrats, you are being awarded an extra hour of sleep! Thanks for being awesome! The hour will be taken back in spring..

I understand that college is all about staying up late studying, doing work and also partying, but what I don’t get is why do they want to train high school kids for college by giving them huge amounts of homework saying that this will help in college. I hate going to my “college prep” school and having to do so much work when I’m at the age when I want to play outside and have fun. My teacher admits that she grades her community college kids more easily than us, but since we are in honors, we should be better than them in some kind of reasoning. These high schools don’t get that their kids are in their teenage years when sports and physical exercise is crucial. College is when you have become an adult, and must take responsibilities which go with finishing your work. I hate Honors/AP classes!

Whenever I go on my path to my desk, where homework can be accomplished, I must go past the dangerous and hazardous mist of attraction, the living room 55 inch TV! I hate T.V. on weekdays because it either ruins my afternoon and makes me feel like a total mess afterward or takes all my sleep at night leaving me with only five hours of lousy sleep that I regret the next day! I learned in class that Plato had warned us of this disease, laziness! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should look up Allegory of the Cave, a great moral (yet boring) story. Every person should read it or watch a YouTube video on it! I hate being absorbed by the shadows on the wall!

Best G2X Rom!

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If you have an Android device, you must have visited the XDA forums! If you have a G2X, you must get this ROM!! It’s the best custom gingerbread rom for the G2X hands down! If you don’t have a G2X, you may be able to find a great ROM for your device. Be Careful though!! If you have no technical skills whatsoever, and can’t even follow a list of directions, DO NOT try these roms! You must root (jailbreak) your Android device before applying these roms. I used THIS  for my G2X. THIS site has most, if not all, Android devices and their instructions on how to root and apply custom ROMS! Have fun!!

Homework is so stressful at Sunday night or Monday morning. I wish I could just finish it on Friday, seriously! It seems impossible to come home after such a long week, and finish the homework and get rid of it before Saturday or Sunday. I am an inferior, procrastinating person. I will save it for last, if not the last minute. If the teacher gives a project on Monday and that is due on Friday, Thursday night will be the time I will do it. To eliminate this problem, I have started listening to the Miracle of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy. So far, it has given me good results. I finished my homework today, Saturday afternoon! I love the awe feeling obtained after finishing homework early. Now I spend the next day and a half anticipating the release of MW3!! I don’t know what’s the hype with Battlefield 3, seriously?

I was so tired in the week but I guess it’s my fault because I take too many honor classes! But you gotta love Friday, the best day of the week!

SAT Lists!

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Have to know all these words!!! Really frustrating, but hopefully we will get through this together!

SAT List #1

1. acquiesce                 2. acuity                      3. aesthetic                  4. affable

5. ambiguous               6. ameliorate                7. anarchy                    8. anecdote

9. apathy                     10. apprehensive         11. ascetic                   12. assuage

13. astute                     14. atrophy                  15. augment

SAT List #2

1. austere                     2. autonomy                3. avarice                     4. banal

5. bastion                     6. benevolent               7. benign                     8. blasphemy

9. cacophonous           10. candor                   11. capricious              12. censure

13. complacent            14. compliance            15. conciliate

SAT List #3

1. contrite                    2. philanthropist          3. denounce                 4. euphonious

5. diffident                  6. paucity                    7. expedient                8. credulous

9. inevitable                 10. elucidate                11. deference              12. peripheral

13. didactic                 14. flagrant                  15. desecrate

SAT List #4

1. futile                        2. guile                                    3. gullible                    4. heretic

5. dogmatic                 6. incessant                  7. pedestrian                8. extol

9. digression                10. squander                11. static                      12. indolence

13. provincial              14. respite                    15. indifferent

SAT List #5

1. drone                       2. strut                         3. philistine                  4. dissent

5. innovate                  6. insipid                     7. prosaic                     8. depravity

9. innocuous                10. erudite                   11. immutable             12. novel

13. ephemeral              14. enigma                   15. impervious

SAT List #6

1. fetid                                    2. pragmatic                3. liturgical                  4. succinct

5. allude                      6. bombastic                7. hubris                      8. culminate

9. abscond                   10. unequivocal           11. commiseration       12. discernible

13. insurgence             14. credence                15. impugned

SAT List #7

1. M.B.A.                    2. Ph.D.                       3. et cetera                   4. advice

5. advise                      6. frugal                       7. torrid                       8. salubrious

9. reprehensible           10. rend                       11. plethora                 12. animosity

13. alacrity                  14. scrupulous             15. inflammatory

SAT List #8

1. neurosis                   2. divergent                 3. omnifarious             4.abridge

5. exacerbate               6. patricide                  7. brouhaha                 8. flatulent

9. phlebitis                   10. chaste                    11. irrefutable              12. pittance

13. debaucher              14. cantankerous         15. pinnacle

SAT List #9

1. immaculate              2. louse                        3. heroes                      4. superfluous

5. laud                         6. protracted                7. dubious                   8. eccentric

9. surreptitious                        10. obscure                  11. parsimony              12. expedite

13. fastidious              14. derision                 15. taciturn

SAT List #10

1. expunge                   2. innuendo                 3. preclude                  4.  turpitude

5. inordinate                6. vendetta                  7. agnostic                   8. masticate

9. aggrandize               10. precocious             11. misogyny               12. opulent

13. sanguine                14. ruminate                15. belligerent

SAT List #11

1. emanate                   2. obfuscate                 3. penultimate             4. hiatus

5. ambience                 6. meander                  7. profligate                 8. sardonic

9. baccalaureate           10. resplendent            11. infernal                  12. cogitate

13. sporadic                 14. vacillate                 15. strident

SAT List #12

1. mendacious             2. heterogeneous         3. scintillate                 4. misanthropy

5. scathing                   6. ubiquitous               7. adamant                  8.  dalliance

9. aspersion                 10. fruition                  11. opine                     12.  pathos

13. transpose               14.  vacuous                15. opus

SAT List #13

1. abstemious              2. obtuse                      3. intrepid                    4. replete

5. spurious                   6. raze                          7. brevity                     8. pithy

9. quiescent                 10. circumlocution      11. eloquence              12.  diffuse

13. ostentatious           14. pretentious                        15. pernicious

SAT List #14

1. debacle                    2. adversity                 3. conflagration           4. precarious

5. cryptic                     6. quagmire                 7. reticent                    8. verbose

9. supercilious             10. derivative              11. hackneyed             13.platitude

14. allay                       15. appease

I love my T-Mobile G2X and its dual core gaming processor. I make sure that it was well worth every penny! So here is my personal list of my favorite android games from basic, casual time passers to hard core adventures! I will also rate them 1-10 but all of them are great games that you should try out and I have excluded many other boring ones.

With the rating will also be a B or a S. B=Basic Casual Game M= Middle meaning has long story but also can be play quick game and S=Sophisticated, Hard Core Game

8 M Abduction! World Attack (cow going up steps to alien ship)

9 M Angry Birds (classic; if you dont know this then I cant help you!)

7 B Atomic Bomber (nice small 2d game using plane to kill soviet tanks, etc)

8 B Basketball Shots 3D (practice basketball in 3D)

6 B Copter (classic online PC game ported)

10 B Fruit Ninja (cut fruit for existing)

10 B Glow Hockey (play air hockey in style!)

9 B Lane Splitter (highscore game with nitrous excitement!)

7 M Mouse Trap (for all you puzzle solvers)

9 S NOVA 2 HD (epic 3D first person shooter game with great graphics)

8 B Ninjump (classic highscore game with decent graphics)

5 B Office Jerk (annoy the office nerd!)

8 S Samurai II Vengeance (epic samurai game with lots of blood!)

7.5 M Speedx 3D (nice twisting turning and short attention span game! {perfect for me!!})

8 S Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD (epic racing game with nice graphics!)

n/a S Backstab HD (havent played yet, but will get back to you!!!!!)

Android VS iPhone

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I used both an iPhone and an Android. I got into the smartphone world with my old-skool G1 which was outdated right when I got it! Ended up selling it to a geek who was opsessed with the keyboard and gave me more money to root (jailbreak) it. Then I bought an iPhone and was amazed at its beauty. But it got old fast! I ended up feeling limited with the iOS. I sold it to an Asian who like everyone else was sincere to the Apple brand and I unlocked and jailbroke it for him. I finally got the best smartphone known to man (ok, maybe close), the LG G2X (better than iPhone 4GS)! It is the phone I currently have and I love it! When I first got it, I hated the software but I rooted it and got this rom! Its the best phone out there, and whoever says otherwise was unfortunate to get a bad phone because of the software problems. The only phone out there that truly beats the G2X is the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I will upgrade as soon as the price goes down! I, as many other followers, will never be able to go back to the closed iOS. I love you Steve, and my two iPods love you too but it just wasn’t meant to be! (PS: I already have Siri on my G2X; it’s called Vlingo!!