Do you support Obama?

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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American politics as well as politics in general is corrupt, or simply a mess and anyone will tell you that. I am a liberal who doesn’t quite support gay rights. I support all free speech and everyone’s views and thats why I love America! I feel like it wasnt fair for Obama. Bush ruined it for any successor. The way I see this is that EVERY president after the first is criticized more and more the longer they are in the House. Everyone hates Bush and blames him for this recession but where where these people when the elections were going on? Yes, they were in line waiting to vote for this SAME guy!! When Obama became president, I heard people say this guy’s gonna fix this place and change is what we need. I see the same people now critizising Obama and his health care plan!! WTF, Seriously! I have concluded that most people should vote for NOBODY! Yes, Nobody! 

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