Illegals being given FREE college aid in California!

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I live in California, in an LA suburb with a huge Asian population. I had lived in the city of LA and had attended Venice High a few years ago. I later moved to the suburbs in the city of Torrance, CA. My experience in Venice High was that it was mildly challenging and filled with rather ‘stupid’ kids of mostly Hispanic background. Now I am in no way racist but I saw that most kids in Venice were very dumb and the studies and curriculum was extremely easy even in my honor and AP classes! I moved to Torrance and it was a whole different story! The studies, even in regular classes, was really hard and challenging. My honor and ap classes were sleep-depriving. Most the kids were extremely smart and of all backgrounds, mostly Asian though. It was at a point unhealthy because of the lack of sleep. There was no AVID in Torrance because quote “Everyone knew and were going to college”. My point is the vast majority of Illegals are here illegally. Are we giving them the drug cartels a great brochure to support the illegal immigration smuggling?  Their legal kids don’t get a good education because of their poor parenting skills and/or poverty. So why should they get a free college education when I struggle to get into college as a legal American citizen. I have worked my as% off to get good grades and beat my way through to get a seat in the filled up college courses and ‘they’ should get a free entry. I don’t agree that we should deny anyone an education but we have plenty of Adult schools and community colleges that are relatively affordable. You have to work for something; I’m not going to spoon-feed you with my tax $$$! Gov. Brown, I think it’s time you resign, don’t you think??

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