I love my T-Mobile G2X and its dual core gaming processor. I make sure that it was well worth every penny! So here is my personal list of my favorite android games from basic, casual time passers to hard core adventures! I will also rate them 1-10 but all of them are great games that you should try out and I have excluded many other boring ones.

With the rating will also be a B or a S. B=Basic Casual Game M= Middle meaning has long story but also can be play quick game and S=Sophisticated, Hard Core Game

8 M Abduction! World Attack (cow going up steps to alien ship)

9 M Angry Birds (classic; if you dont know this then I cant help you!)

7 B Atomic Bomber (nice small 2d game using plane to kill soviet tanks, etc)

8 B Basketball Shots 3D (practice basketball in 3D)

6 B Copter (classic online PC game ported)

10 B Fruit Ninja (cut fruit for existing)

10 B Glow Hockey (play air hockey in style!)

9 B Lane Splitter (highscore game with nitrous excitement!)

7 M Mouse Trap (for all you puzzle solvers)

9 S NOVA 2 HD (epic 3D first person shooter game with great graphics)

8 B Ninjump (classic highscore game with decent graphics)

5 B Office Jerk (annoy the office nerd!)

8 S Samurai II Vengeance (epic samurai game with lots of blood!)

7.5 M Speedx 3D (nice twisting turning and short attention span game! {perfect for me!!})

8 S Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD (epic racing game with nice graphics!)

n/a S Backstab HD (havent played yet, but will get back to you!!!!!)


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