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I understand that college is all about staying up late studying, doing work and also partying, but what I don’t get is why do they want to train high school kids for college by giving them huge amounts of homework saying that this will help in college. I hate going to my “college prep” school and having to do so much work when I’m at the age when I want to play outside and have fun. My teacher admits that she grades her community college kids more easily than us, but since we are in honors, we should be better than them in some kind of reasoning. These high schools don’t get that their kids are in their teenage years when sports and physical exercise is crucial. College is when you have become an adult, and must take responsibilities which go with finishing your work. I hate Honors/AP classes!


Homework is so stressful at Sunday night or Monday morning. I wish I could just finish it on Friday, seriously! It seems impossible to come home after such a long week, and finish the homework and get rid of it before Saturday or Sunday. I am an inferior, procrastinating person. I will save it for last, if not the last minute. If the teacher gives a project on Monday and that is due on Friday, Thursday night will be the time I will do it. To eliminate this problem, I have started listening to the Miracle of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy. So far, it has given me good results. I finished my homework today, Saturday afternoon! I love the awe feeling obtained after finishing homework early. Now I spend the next day and a half anticipating the release of MW3!! I don’t know what’s the hype with Battlefield 3, seriously?